Syntegon packaging machines – Wraparound case packer for confectionary production

At the beginning of year 2022 Orkla Suomi Finland OY in Vaajakoski Finland decided to acquire a new packaging machine, a wrap around case packer from Syntegon, in collarboration with Kafeko. This factory produces candy and chocolate products, and are the second biggest confectionary producer in Finland.

According to customers technical manager, Arto Liimatainen, and their project manager, Jari Leinonen, the high range of the case sizes, easy access, the fast repeatable format change-over and robustness of the machine convinced them to buy the packaging machine from Syntegon, Elematic 3001 WA, a compact wraparound case packer.

There were five different case formats and several different candy bag sizes in this project. The products were licorice candies packed in pillow- and doy bags. The maximum required infeed speed were 150 bags per minute.

In a very challenging circumstances by means of the word wide logistic problems, Syntegon’s factory in Remshalden, located outside of Stuttgart in Germany, managed to shorten the delivery delay and the commissioning took place in November 2022. After two months of production customer is very satisfied of this Elematic 3001 WA compact case packer. Information Elematic

About Syntegons case packers

Syntegon configurable wraparound case packers are designed for a wide format range and offer maximum flexibility in terms of different pack styles. Whether it is a simple one piece wraparound or a shelf ready two piece case, the automated Syntegon case packer are able to switch between various formats within six minutes.
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Why choose a Syntegon case packing machine?

Processing and packaging machines for a better life – this is what Syntegon’s employees work for every day. Looking back on a 160 years of experience, the portfolio of intelligent, innovative and reliable solutions help customers in the global food and pharmaceutical industries to improve people’s life.
With 1 100 service experts and a comprehensive service portfolio throughout the entire machine lifecycle from spare parts management to digital line optimization, Syntegon lays the foundation for smooth production process for all customers.

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